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Virgo-star – the multipurpose device for all weather conditions

  • Approved and scalable

  • Easy-to-handle insect protection

  • Guaranteed dry and wet weather ventilation through RPV-technology

  • Virgo – multi-purpose ventilator also available integrated in continuous rooflight:  

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Standalone louvred ventilator for the entire roof area

Expressive in design and flexible in configuration. Virgo-star as standalone device can be applied on the entire roof area |1|.

Virgo-star_Z combines high standards of thermal insulation with an appealing design. Virgo-star_I is the simplified basic industry version with identical technical values.

Whenever exhaust air or heat needs to be dissipated
independent from weather conditions the multi-purpose ventilator Virgo-vent is the preferred solution.
Both versions have been VdS-tested and meet the requirements of EN 12101-2.

Approved and scalable

Used purely as a ventilation flap, Virgo-vent can be configured and is scalable to almost any dimension.
If an approved smoke and heat exhaust device (SHEV) in compliance with EN 12101-2 is required the following dimensions are available: 1.20 x 2.50 m, 1.80 x 2.50 m and 2.50 x 2.50 m. Special dimensions are available on request.

Easy-to-handle insect protection

Insect protection systems from INDU LIGHT are used primarily in sectors where hygiene is a priority, for example in the food industry. The insect protection system can be adapted to fit to all our multi-purpose ventilators and is quick and easy to retrofit.

Similar to a drawer the removal and installation for cleaning purposes is very simple. No special tools are necessary to access and handle the insect protection.

Contact Person

Mr. Benner
+49 7426 5270-46

VdS-approved according to DIN EN 12101-2

INDU LIGHT designs, supplies and installs individually dimensioned SEV units. We are a specialist business certified according to ISO 9001:2000, a VdS-approved constructor company and an active member of the trade association Tageslicht und Rauchschutz e.V.

The CE approval of our products was carried out by VdS institute for fire protection and security.
Proven pneumatic technology or 24V technology are available for our SHEV devices.
Beside standard design principles of smoke and heat exhaust units we also consider the standards and guidelines including:

  • DIN 18232
  • VdS guidelines
  • Industrial building directives

Technical details for Virgo-star

Dimensions (m)Aa (m2)
pneumatic CO21,20-2,50 x 2,501,95 - 4,063
electrical 24 V1,20-1,50 x 2,501,95 - 2,438

Accessories for Virgo-star

Control technology

Control technology

Intelligent control technology integrated in the  building automation system. Drive technologies are available as pnestumatic and electric solution.

Service and professional maintenance

As manufacturer and approved supplier of SHEV systems INDU LIGHT performs regular maintenance. Our professional service technicians verify that SHEV devices and systems are in order and fully functional. The records of the inspections performed are stored and managed by INDU LIGHT.

By law SHEV systems must be maintained at legally defined inspection intervals. Contact us – we will schedule and arrange maintenance on time.

More information

Fall-through protection

Safety is our number one priority. That is why all INDU LIGHT continuous rooflights come together with the IAP1 anchor point. This includes a stainless steel bracket which is integrated in the eave structure of the continuous rooflight and fixed to the frame head. Attached to the PPE it protects personnel from falls. Anchor point IAP1 is a tested class A1 anchor device in accordance with EN 795:1996-07/A1:2000-10 (D) und EN 795:2012-10 (D)

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