Fall-through protection for rooflights

  • Certified fall-through protection

  • No obstructive perforated panel attachments

  • Integrated fall-through protection

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Certified fall-through protection Q and PI

Secure fall-through protection – maximum safety with minimal visual impact.

Steel mesh grids can be added and with minor design modifications Topline ELS complies with the requirements of ETAG 010, DIN EN 14963, DIN 4426 as well as GS-Bau-18 and the Swiss SUVA standard.

With adjustable retaining brackets INDU LIGHT fall-through-protection Q can be used for new and existing projects.

Integrated fall-through protection

The type IAP1 anchor point can be supplied for all INDU LIGHT continuous rooflights. The anchor point includes a stainless steel bracket which is integrated in the eave structure of the continuous rooflight and fixed to the frame head.

With a PPE/safety harness, it is therefore easy to attach to the IAP (similar to roof anchors).

Minimum visual impact

Additional perforated sheet attachments which significantly might reduce the light transmission are not necessary.

Annual maintenance checks ensure that INDU LIGHT fall-through-protection Q provide maximum safety with minimum visual impact.

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