Controlled pressure release

  • Immediate and energy-free opening with process-related excess pressure

  • Vertical or horizontal installation position

  • Economic system

  • Versatile glazing options

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Versatile, stable and energy efficient

The pressure relief flaps are specially designed for potentially explosive atmospheres. They protect people and buildings from uncontrolled excess pressure caused by accidents or incorrect application. In the event of an increase in pressure above the prescribed value, the special industrial magnets open the flaps, allow the pressure in the building to escape in a controlled manner and then close independently to the original position. Individual adjustment to the onsite conditions is possible both technically and visually.

Building safety in hazardous areas

The pressure relief flap consists of an aluminium frame with a shut-off flap attached on one side. Various products are available depending on the thermal insulation conditions (German Energy Conservation Regulation (EnEV)). 
These can be installed both vertically in the roof and horizontally in the facade. The type of glazing can be selected individually, plastic glazing and opaque aluminium panels in a variety of thicknesses and colours are available. The stability and protection against the wind are guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials. The flaps are closed in the normal position. The pressure relief flaps can optionally be integrated into the following NSHEV and ventilation devices from INDU LIGHT as an added extra: Leo and Draco rooflights, Lyra louvred ventilator.

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