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  • Integrated sunblinds – for new and existing projects

  • Embedded shading system

  • Smart control for balanced room climate 

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Integrated sunblinds – for new and existing projects

ELS sunbloc sunblinds recently developed by INDU LIGHT are integrated in the continuous rooflight, but can also be retrofitted and added to existing rooflights.

Compared to external shading systems, like conventional louvre variants or perforated panel covers, ELS sunbloc is more cost-effective to purchase and offers other benefits, like smart climate control and sustainable visual appearance.

Convenient and smart to control

ELS sunbloc operates with modern 24V technology. Smart control and infinitely variable operation mode allows balanced climate control.

Protected against external and internal factors

ELS sunbloc key advantage is the embedment of the shading device. 
Installed between the multiwall polycarbonate sheets ELS sunbloc is not affected by external factors such as exposure to UV radiation, storms, hail, snow and ice, and also independent from internal factors such as dust, draughts and machine emissions.

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