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Unlimited options for construction and renovation work

  • Custom-made products with maximum design freedom
  • Special solutions to meet the most demanding of requirements
  • Additional system components

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Working and living under sky of glass

Working and living unter a sky of glass

As an expert for daylight systems, INDU LIGHT offers custom-made products for all construction projects involved in customised rooflights, and maximum design freedom for architects, planners and creative minds.

Various glazing materials are possible. Double-glazing for a vast array of applications, several versions of polycarbonate and acrylic glass. Even  aerogel filling can be provided if requested.

Special solutions to meet the most challenging requirements

In addition to maximum design freedom and a broad range of glazing materials, INDU LIGHT has many years of experience in developing the ideal solution for challenging building requirements.

Additional system components

All glass roof structures and customised rooflights from INDU LIGHT can be combined with ventilation flaps and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV) as part of a SHEV system - and of course in modern 24V technology.

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Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

Glass wing

The INDU LIGHT glass wing combines technical requirements of optimum ventilation and fire protection with an appealing design. In the form of a combination glass wing, it guarantees the greatest possible level of rain-protected ventilation as well as the largest possible smoke extraction area.

Fall-through protection

Safety is our number one priority. That is why all INDU LIGHT continuous rooflights come together with the IAP1 anchor point. This includes a stainless steel bracket which is integrated in the eave structure of the continuous rooflight and fixed to the frame head. Attached to the PPE it protects personnel from falls. Anchor point IAP1 is a tested class A1 anchor device in accordance with EN 795:1996-07/A1:2000-10 (D) an EN 795:2012-10 (D).

RAL coating

On request, all aluminium profiles can be supplied in RAL colours, according DB colour chart, or other commonly used systems. Available coating types are sustainable standard powder coating,  seawater-proof coating or anodizing.

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