Lyra – louvred ventilator for a wide range of applications

  • SHEV and ventilation integrated in continuous rooflights

  • Aluminium or polycarbonate segments

  • Lyra – louvred ventilator also available as standalone device: Lyra-star

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Ventilation and smoke extraction for roof and wall

The INDU LIGHT louvred ventilator Lyra-vent is the ideal solution for any requirement on professional ventilation and smoke extraction devices. It features a range of 40 tested unit sizes for installation on roofs and walls. It is available as a standalone device or integrated in the continuous rooflight. 

Lyra-vent sets new standards for opening forces for increased snow loads. It has been tested and is approved in 24V technology up to 750N/m² in accordance with EN 12101-2. Units, which were tested for even higher snow loads are also available on request.

Depending on their intended purpose the louver segments can be supplied in polycarbonate(Lyra-vent_P) or aluminium(Lyra-vent_A). Lyra-vent_P can be integrated into all INDU LIGHT product lines. Lyra-vent_A was designed especially for product lines, Skyline, Shedline and Sideline.  

Variable use as ventilation and SHEV unit

The louvred ventilator can be used in the facade as a ventilation and inlet air device, e.g. for INDU LIGHT Sideline |1|. It has been tested in shed rooflights INDU LIGHT Shedline |2| or ridge-shaped rooflights INDU LIGHT Skyline |3|. Various installation positions have been tested and approved. Also in Proline and Topline ELS Lyra-vent can be installed |4|.

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VdS-approved according to DIN EN 12101-2

INDU LIGHT designs, supplies and installs individually dimensioned SHEV units. We are a specialist business certified according to ISO 9001:2000, a VdS-approved constructor company and an active member of the trade association Tageslicht und Rachschutz e.V.

The CE approval of our products was carried out by VdS institute for fire protection and security. Proven pneumatic technology or 24V technology are available for our SHEV devices.
Beside standard design principles of smoke and heat exhaust units we also consider the standards and guidelines including:

  • DIN 18232
  • VdS guidelines
  • Industrial construction directive

Technical details for Lyra-vent

Used purely as a ventilation flap, Lyra-vent can be configured to almost any desired set of dimension. 

The values quoted below relate to reference natural smoke and heat exhaust units (NSHEV), defined in DIN EN 12101-2 or SHEV units in combination with natural ventilation.

Louvred ventilation (Lyra-vent_P)

 Dimensions (m)Aa (m2)
pneumatic CO20,88-2,31 x 1,15-2,910,66 - 4,03
electrical 24 V0,88-1,88 x 1,15-2,030,57 - 2,40

Product sheet Lyra

Louvred ventilation (Lyra-vent_A)

Dimensions (m)Aa (m2)
pneumatic CO20,84-2,24 x 0,62-2,39-
electrical 24 V0,84-2,24 x 0,62-2,23-

Accessories for Lyra-vent

Control technology

Control technology

Intelligent control technology integrated in the  building automation system. Drive technologies are available as pnestumatic and electric solution.

Service and professional maintenance

As manufacturer and approved supplier of SHEV systems INDU LIGHT performs regular maintenance. Our professional service technicians verify that SHEV devices and systems are in order and fully functional. The records of the inspections performed are stored and managed by INDU LIGHT.

By law SHEV systems must be maintained at legally defined inspection intervals. Contact us – we will schedule and arrange maintenance on time.

Fall and fall-through protection

Continuous rooflights and light domes without structural features to render them permanently fall-through proof must include suitable covers or suspended structures which prevent individuals from falling through. INDU LIGHT protective systems are available for continuous rooflights and light domes and can be retrofitted onto all current INDU LIGHT products.

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