Permanent ventilation regardless of the weather

  • Permanent heat extraction 
  • Rain-proof, natural ventilation
  • Electric or pneumatic closure systems

  • Optimised aerodynamics
  • Also available as a standalone device: Hydra-star

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    High-performance and elegant

    The Hydra labyrinth ventilator, which is not dependent on weather conditions, is used for natural ventilation and heat extraction from premises with high temperatures.

    High volume, energy-free ventilation can be achieved due to the effective use of natural air flow. Due to its low weight and individual construction sizes, Hydra can be used in all roof areas and all continuous rooflights from INDU LIGHT. 

    Its reduced and sophisticated design is highly valued in industrial and commercial construction. Some of the types of properties where it is typically used are foundries, boiler houses, paper manufacturers, glass producers and buildings with comparable requirements.

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    INDU LIGHT optimised flow geometry

    Ventilation cross sections and the flow resistances of the devices were ascertained in aerodynamic investigations.

    Perfect form and ventilation regardless of the weather

    An aerodynamically optimised design ensures exceptional extraction levels and reduces the noise level emitted. Falling rain water is caught within the labyrinth system and diverted to the roof via a gutter profile that also serves as wind guidance. This enables permanent ventilation regardless of the weather. 

    The system is extremely stable and has a long service life given its design and the use of high-quality materials. The maximum construction width is 4.0 metres whilst the length is variable.

    Sound traps

    Sound traps can be installed underneath the ventilation system if needed for the effective reduction of noise emissions. 

    The resulting reduction in ventilation performance with this system is very low due to the design. The system can be locked with the special locking device.

    Technical details for Hydra-vent

    Device size: 4 metres in width, variable length

    Measurement 1ventilator opened, with sound absorberRw 21 dB
    Measurement 2ventilator closed, with sound absorberRw 29 dB
    Measurement 3ventilator openedRw 6 dB
    Measurement 4ventilator closedRw 13 dB

    Accessories for Hydra-vent

    Insect protection

    Effective insect protection – easy and fast to install.

    Sound traps

    Sound insulation in accordance with regulations.

    Control technology

    Control technology

    Intelligent control technology integrated in the  building automation system. Drive technologies are available as pnestumatic and electric solution.

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