Optimised energy efficiency through sustainable renovation

  • Sustainable renovation with added value
  • Highest quality standards for the entire product range
  • Step by step to the optimum - precise, punctual and professional

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Sustainable renovation with added value

INDU LIGHT offers individual solutions for the energy-related renovation of public buildings, production and/or industrial premises as well as sales areas, trade fairs and exhibition halls. 
Our modular product range and innovative technologies create maximum adaptiveness. For renovation projects or new projects, if mounted on concrete, steel or timber structures our daylight and SHEV systems can adapt to the local conditions. 
Renovating leaking or defective continuous rooflights creates a double benefit. With state-of-the-art rooflight technology compliance with building standards and regulations is guaranteed and significant savings on energy costs are created. 
And it pays off. The excellent U values of the INDU LIGHT ELS system guarantee optimised energy savings through the use of thermal insulation. The saving potential is a quantifiable one: based on a rule of thumb: for every 0.1 W/m²K of improved U value, a saving of at least one litre of heating oil per square metre of continuous rooflight is possible.

Save up to 1.952 EUR heating oil cost per year with Topline ELS 1.1

Assumed roof light surface area of 100 m2 with heating of 19°C and a heating oil price of €0.60 per litre:

  • Standard glazing (old): Utotal = 3,3 W/m2K
  • Topline ELS 0.9: Utotal = 0.9 W/m2K

Annual saving with Topline ELS 0.9 compared to a standard glazing 2.789 litres of heating oil = 1.952 EUR.
Amortisation of the additional investment within 4,9 years.  

Continuous rooflight renovation – is it worth considering? 
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Highest quality standards for the entire product range

Depending on the shape of the continuous rooflight, all INDU LIGHT ventilation and SHEV units such as rooflight flaps, louvred ventilators or multi-purpose ventilators can be retrofitted. Approved and CE-certified drive technologies are available as pneumatic and electric 24V solution.

Step by step to the optimum - precise, punctual and professional

From start-to-finish we are committed to your project and offer you our full range of services. We thoroughly review the specifications considering the individual requirements.

In renovation projects in particular our regional technical expert visits the site to assess the local conditions and to incorporate all necessary information. 
Together with you, we will check the building fabric to ensure compliance with current building regulations and we will give you comprehensive advice on efficient use of daylight, fire protection, sound insulation, ventilation and solar protection.

For every project, regardless of scale, we will prepare detailed planning documents for assembly and documentation purposes. That enables us to assure complete and customised project planning.

We ensure on-time installation by trained assembly teams. Renovation projects can be executed during ongoing operation of your shop. We professionally integrate our control systems and interfaces to your building management system. Environmentally sound disposal of all packaging materials is ensured. If required we arrange final acceptance test through an independent auditor. Professional final documentation is provided.


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